Tuesday, January 20, 2009

French Estate: Part 3

From yesterday's post - here is the exterior shot of the home, featuring a stone facade with cast stone trimwork and slate roof. While this is a very stately look, I pefer a more "romantic" version of the French homes, with lush landscaping and shuttered windows and hanging lanterns. There are some truly gorgeous homes throughout Preston Hollow. I just went down a street today on the way to a client's, DeLoache off of Inwood and Northwest Highway, and found a least 5 I could post about, some I may need to scale a fence to get a good shot, but what's a little trespassing charge(!) - but of course did not have the camera charged! I definately have to get some pics posted. Here is a sampling of styles I found on the MLS in that area to tide you over until then.

A mere $17,500,000, yes that is an eight digit figure for this estate/compund, any takers...? You would be neighbors with some of Fortune 500's list makers, Ross Perot Jr., for one. I would be so skinny as I am always forgetting something in one room to the next and can you image how much walking in a house like that is, I'm tired already!

I do like this "simple" English Country look, the lots are so large in Preston Hollow, you really do not think you are minutes from the Tollway and everything in Dallas. It's the best of both worlds, country charm with winding tree lined roads and big city convenience - at a price.

This home was featured as Luxe magazine's 2008 showhome, I will have to post further about this with interior photos. The interior is quite modern considering the facade, which I wasn't too crazy about - it's looks to me like it is trying to be a Tuscan Colonial/Georgian style home, it looks confused. And has an asking price of $15,000,000 - in this economy - are you kidding? All it takes is one buyer, though, I guess they are banking on that.

Now this home does not look confused, it looks like it decided it wanted to be an Italian villa and it suceeded. It looks romantic and makes you curious about what lies beyond the courtyard, I love homes that slowly reveal themselves and play hard to get so to say, instead of laying it all out in the open...we all like a little mystery.

And lastly is a Mid-Century Modern concept home, I love the unexpected look of this home in Preston Hollow, gives the eye some visual interest and gives all those nosy neighbors something to talk about...


Things That said...

It is such a beautiful house, quite large, but it looks like the lot supports the size of the home. I love the other homes you found on the real estate listings!

Is the showhouse you worked on still for sale?

avidHOME said...

I think it is now under a contract - I am not sure if the sale has gone through though, I did hear from the builder that they want to purchase it with all of the furnishings however!

Arianna Belle said...

Wow those are absolutely gorgeous homes! So grand!